In Matanzas: Part air conditioning equipment arrives to Sauto Theater



With great merrymaking and emotion the second container with part of the air conditioning equipment was received by workers of Sauto Theater and of Copextel Matanzas’ territorial di vision as well as by the constructors of the work in order to finish the hoped-for restoration.

«This time we are talking about the generating unit of frozen water soundproofed with water-cooled condenser, one of the main parts of the whole system, chosen precisely by its   performance, potency and relation with acoustics», explained Marta Beatriz Rodríguez Menéndez, general manager of Copextel in Matanzas.

The load of about 3.5 tons- load  needed the efforts of all the workers, the truck’s drivers, the crane, the fork lift and of all the people present there to be able to move it without damaging the pieces or the structure of the theater, even under a softly rain.

Were also there Tania León Silveira, president of the Provincial Assembly of the People’s Power in Matanzas, the Executive Board of the division of Copextel, headed by its director, and workers and executives of the Theater.

The first containers arrived in August 16 and the the arrival of the third load is expected soon.

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