Concert grand piano donated to Sauto Theater



«The donation of a Laul Estonia piano benefits Sauto Theater, National Monument, and stimulates the development of Cuban art in this city», affirmed Kalec Acosta, director of the institution, during the official ceremony for the delivery of the instrument.

«I am sure that the piano will have a good use here and that it will be used in many concerts», declared the donating person, Ralph Corlis, an Australian Canadian who contributed to the project of management of musical instruments for Cuba, an initiative of Kairós Cnter, belonging to Matanzas’ First Baptist Church.

«With the new acquisition, the theater has now five pianos for the celebration of its 155th anniversary, this year, but we did not have anyone like the Laul Estonia, its presence benefits all the musicians who wish to appraise the acoustics of the building», added Acosta.

«I am very grateful that they had thought of me to be the first person in playing the new piano at the Sauto Theater», said the interpreter and composer Elvira James, who recognized the quality of the instrument for the capability of answer of the machinery.

During the official ceremony at the cultural coliseum, located at The Vigía’s Square, Ralph Corlis received the Distinction Sauto Theater and was appointed Guest of Honor, together with his family, for its generous contribution to art in Matanzas city.

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