Varadero: Starfish Cuatro Palmas leads ranking in perceived satisfaction



The General Index of Hotel Satisfaction (IGSH, for its acronym in Spanish) closed 2018 in Matanzas province better results than the previous year, according to the report of the Ministry of Tourism delegation in the annual review of such a strategic sector for the economy in Cuba.

The document names Cubanacán as the entity with the best performance, while the hotel group Islazul was the worst one during last year, when the indicators of satisfaction better perceived by clients were the command of the language, reception and quality of the service, while the food variable was the less valued one.

The report highlights 31 hotel facilities which kept the index of satisfaction of over 80 percent for six months or more, an average that the Starfish Cuatro Palmas surpassed when attaining that percentage in twelve months, a result that placed it as the leader of this coveted ranking.

This achievement conquered by the facility belonging to the group Gran Caribe joins the reception of the 21st Congress of the CTC, obtained in Matanzas province precisely by the 21 work centers that honored their word of complying with the revenue schemes, a goal only achieved in Varadero by this the Starfish and the complex Villa Cuba-Las Morlas.

Executives of the hotel Cuatro Palmas told Radio 26 that the main challenge is learning more everyday by a constant renovation. “We are sure that we will have more success”, pointed out Vladimir Carmona López, head cook, an opinion supported by Wilfredo Gómez Suárez, secretary of the Labor Union. (Translated by Roxana Ros Pelayo)



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